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Can crystal skulls assist you to eliminate onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is a common fungal infection that affects mainly the toenails and the skin around them. This medical condition can be cured with both modern medication and traditional medicine. The only difference between these treatments is the healing time. For example, an all-natural treatment for nail fungus like Zeta Clear Australia found on can restore your full health in just a few weeks, and without the usual side effects that prescribed medicine usually delivers.

To maximize the body's self-healing process, many people have combined various elements of alternative medicine. One of them implies the use of crystal skulls to improve cell regeneration and ensure an active remedial process. Here is how these ancient Aztec artifacts can help you recover from onychomycosis:

Crystal skulls and old beliefs

Aztecs used the quartz crystal to carve various types of jewelry and decorations. Some of their most prized artifacts are the crystal skulls that were discovered in the 19th century. Historians believe that the Mesoamerican shamans used these perfectly anatomical representations in various rituals, including medical ones.

Nowadays, crystal skulls are used for meditation and yoga therapies. Many consider them to be powerful tools that ease the spirit's journey to a higher plane of understanding. Others believe that in combination with natural medicine the quartz crystals generate a healing energy able to cure common ailments and fungal infections.

Use meditation to cure onychomycosis

If your toenails become brittle and they lose their natural color, you have most likely contracted a fungal infection. Onychomycosis is the most common medical condition that affects the nails and the surrounding tissue, leaving behind a discolored patch of skin that bears an insufferable smell.

The best treatment for nail fungus is a natural remedy like Zeta Clear Australia. This quick cure for Yellow nail syndrome uses a unique combination of herbal extracts and organic compounds to get rid of the bacteria and the foul odor.

If you choose to combine an all-natural remedy with meditation and a positive state of mind, you speed up the healing process and prevent the infection from resurfacing. You can even add powerful artifacts like crystal skulls to aid with your contemplation sessions and maximize the curing effect of Zeta Clear.

Can herbal extracts assist your recovery?

Zeta Clear Australia is composed of a wide range of herbal essences that medical tests have proven to be highly effective against nail fungus. Almost 95% of its users have managed to eliminate onychomycosis in just a few weeks simply by using this remedy for fungal infections on a daily basis.

The secret behind this revolutionary treatment for Yellow nail syndrome is based on plants native from Australia, like the Melaleuca tree and other extracts from almonds, cloves and the Manchineel tree from the Caribbean. The doctors who developed Zeta Clear chose these particular essences because of their powerful curing effect against onychomycosis.

The resulting product is a potent formula that eliminates nail fungus with no side effects and restores the natural color to the nail bed and the surrounding skin.

How many crystal skulls have been found?

The legends surrounding the crystal skulls have puzzled archeologists and history buffs for years. It is unclear who made them and for what purpose. The most common belief about them is that they have been passed through several generations of Mesoamerican peoples since ancient times and that they exert supernatural powers.

It is hard to determine the exact number of authentic crystal skulls in the world today because of the numerous fakes that have flooded the market. Even the head owned by the famous British Museum in London has been confirmed to be false, in spite of its seemingly perfect features.

Where do crystal skulls come from?

Archaeology became immensely popular in the 19th century. Back then, the western world started to collect every tiny bit of information regarding the human history and ancient civilizations. Besides the successful scientific studies of the era, a lot of scams were created to profit from the global craze.

One of the most famous artifacts of the 1860s that still fascinates many people today was the crystal skull: a quartz hardstone carving that perfectly resembles a human head. Many skulls appeared in a short period across Europe and North America. The myth surrounding them was describing ancient rituals mixed with supernatural events that would affect anyone who possessed them.

While most of the archaeologists and artifact traders who showcased crystal skulls claimed that they have a pre-Colombian origin, later scientific research has proven that they were produced in Europe in the middle of the 19th century. Despite conclusive evidence regarding their origins, crystal skulls still make sudden appearances across the globe every year, and people who collect artifacts pay significant sums of money to have them.

Do they have supernatural powers?

Over time many suppositions have been made regarding the purpose of crystal skulls. Believers in the paranormal sustain that these artifacts have active curing properties and that they can cure cancer and other fatal diseases. Other supporters of the supernatural phenomenon believe that a crystal skull can kill a man or even predict the course of history if the user knows the exact magical spells for these actions.

As the number of scientists that dismiss crystal skulls as archeological evidence increased, so did the number of theories that surround these artifacts. One of the most famous theses about crystal skulls places them in the fictitious world of Atlantis and regards them as the only remaining evidence of the lost civilization.

Why are crystal skulls so famous?

The Mesoamerican civilization was destroyed or subdued almost 500 years ago. Still, the legends that surround their mysterious past confound and fascinate people even today. This is one of the main reasons why crystal skulls are still popular, and some individuals spend entire fortunes to have them in their collections.

The souvenir industry has taken notice of this reality and produced millions of crystal skull replicas every year. Most of these harmless, plastic keepsakes are available across Central and South America for relatively low prices.

How were the crystal skulls made?

Crystal skulls have gained a respectable place in modern culture and a particular fascination that has reached every corner of the world. Scientists have proven that these real-life size replicas of human skulls carved in quartz crystal date from the 19th century and they do not belong to a Mesoamerican culture of pre-Colombian origins. Still, many people prefer to believe that these artifacts hold a paranormal charge and possess supernatural powers.

The origins of the crystal skulls

In the 19th century, Europe and North America were flooded with supernatural legends and mystic stories of the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. Together with these tales came many artifacts of different archaeological importance or authenticity. One of the most famous relics to come from Central America is the crystal skull.

Archaeology in the 1860s did not possess all the scientific tools of today. Therefore, many people, including scientists could not determine the genuineness of a perfectly shaped skull hand carved from quartz crystal. Very soon, people started fabricating legends regarding the heads and their supernatural powers or curing benefits. Many artifact enthusiasts collected them and even paid significant prices to South American explorers in exchange for a crystal skull or any information regarding their origin.

Why were crystal skulls made?

The reason for crystal skull fabrication is still a mystery. However, many scientists believe that they were initially the work of novelty sellers who saw an opportunity to monetize on the primary interest that Europeans had for Mesoamerican culture in the 19th century.
Some researchers believe that the crystal skulls originate from Catholic priests in Mexico who wanted to combine a bit of local culture with the Christian religion. Their intention to popularize the Catholic beliefs expanded into a worldwide trade of artifacts, superstitions and conspiracy theories.

The famous crystal skull of the British Museum

The British Museum in London acquired a crystal skull in 1897 from New York's famous jewelry company Tiffany's. Back then, the theory of the pre-Colombian origin of the crystal skulls was still undisputed. The following decades, however, have proven that these artifacts were produced in Europe long after the Mesoamerican civilization had been destroyed.

The curators of the British Museum decided to keep the skull as an artistic representation, despite its initial false claim of authenticity. Through binocular microscopic research, the scientists managed to discover how the crystal skulls were made. They concluded that the carving technique and tools were native to Western Europe and that the quartz was manufactured as early as 1860.

What are the special powers of crystal skulls?

It 's hard to believe that crystal skulls have any special powers. Nevertheless, many people like to attribute unusual properties to the quartz artifacts. Some of them talk of cancer cures, time travel, prophecies of future events and even the ability to open portals to other worlds. So far, none of these skills have been proven, and scientists doubt that crystal skulls will ever have a higher purpose than to decorate book shelves.

The most incredible details about ancient crystal skulls

Scientists have long disputed the authenticity of crystal skulls believed by many to be Mesoamerican relics with supernatural properties. Nevertheless, every year new details and stories surface about the quartz artifacts that have caught the fascination of many paranormal activity followers in the world. Here are some of the most incredible tales and myths that surround crystal skulls:

Crystal skulls cure cancer

Some traditional medicine practitioners believe that constant contact with a crystal skull can help cure serious diseases. They recommend that cancer patients should keep a quartz artifact by the side of their bed to revert the development of their tumors. Crystal skulls are quartz-carved replicas of human skulls that have been dated to the 19th century. However, many people believe in their Aztec origin and their unproven positive effects on people's health.

A quartz skull prophesized JFK’s assassination

A Canadian woman by the name of Anna Mitchel-Hedges claimed to have seen a spiritual vision of John F. Kennedy's assassination almost 35 years before the event took place. She recalled that a crystal skull that she had found in the ancient Maya city of Lubaantún in Belize presented her a blurry prophecy of the tragic murdering of the future US president. She could not determine what the vision meant in 1927, but she immediately remembered it on the dire date of November 22, 1963.

Crystal skulls and shamanic powers

Neo-shamanism is a modern religion that aims to revive the ancient beliefs of human-nature connections that date before historical times. The people who practice this cult use a broad range of relics and artifacts, which they believe to have supernatural powers. One of these objects is the crystal skull that many neo-shamanists consider to be a link between the realm of men and the metaphysical world.

Time travel with quartz skulls

Some relic enthusiasts believe that crystal skulls hold incredible powers and that time travel is one of them. They suppose that ancient Aztecs used the quartz skulls to communicate with their ancestors and even with their descendants, which is how they explain the drawings on their pyramids that talked about apocalyptic destruction at the hand of invaders.

Crystal skulls and the Mayan calendar

We all know about the Mayan prophecy of the world’s end that was supposed to happen in 2012, and how it eventually played out. Even if all those ancient predictions lost their veridicality, very few people acknowledge that crystal skulls might be a hoax. The mysteries of Mesoamerican cultures still fascinate large groups of supernatural enthusiasts who make unfounded connections between the Mayan calendar and quartz crystals, which some believe to be of Aztec origin.

Are quartz crystals alien relics?

Almost every mystic theory that could relate crystal skulls to paranormal activity has been released so far. One of the most out-of-this-world beliefs claims that quartz skulls are alien relics brought by out-of-space creatures that visited Earth thousands of years ago. The people who sustain this theory expect the aliens to return sometime in the future to get their precious crystal artifacts back from ungrateful humans who only saw them as hoaxes.

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