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The most incredible details about ancient crystal skulls

Scientists have long disputed the authenticity of crystal skulls believed by many to be Mesoamerican relics with supernatural properties. Nevertheless, every year new details and stories surface about the quartz artifacts that have caught the fascination of many paranormal activity followers in the world. Here are some of the most incredible tales and myths that surround crystal skulls:

Crystal skulls cure cancer

Some traditional medicine practitioners believe that constant contact with a crystal skull can help cure serious diseases. They recommend that cancer patients should keep a quartz artifact by the side of their bed to revert the development of their tumors. Crystal skulls are quartz-carved replicas of human skulls that have been dated to the 19th century. However, many people believe in their Aztec origin and their unproven positive effects on people's health.

A quartz skull prophesized JFK’s assassination

A Canadian woman by the name of Anna Mitchel-Hedges claimed to have seen a spiritual vision of John F. Kennedy's assassination almost 35 years before the event took place. She recalled that a crystal skull that she had found in the ancient Maya city of Lubaantún in Belize presented her a blurry prophecy of the tragic murdering of the future US president. She could not determine what the vision meant in 1927, but she immediately remembered it on the dire date of November 22, 1963.

Crystal skulls and shamanic powers

Neo-shamanism is a modern religion that aims to revive the ancient beliefs of human-nature connections that date before historical times. The people who practice this cult use a broad range of relics and artifacts, which they believe to have supernatural powers. One of these objects is the crystal skull that many neo-shamanists consider to be a link between the realm of men and the metaphysical world.

Time travel with quartz skulls

Some relic enthusiasts believe that crystal skulls hold incredible powers and that time travel is one of them. They suppose that ancient Aztecs used the quartz skulls to communicate with their ancestors and even with their descendants, which is how they explain the drawings on their pyramids that talked about apocalyptic destruction at the hand of invaders.

Crystal skulls and the Mayan calendar

We all know about the Mayan prophecy of the world’s end that was supposed to happen in 2012, and how it eventually played out. Even if all those ancient predictions lost their veridicality, very few people acknowledge that crystal skulls might be a hoax. The mysteries of Mesoamerican cultures still fascinate large groups of supernatural enthusiasts who make unfounded connections between the Mayan calendar and quartz crystals, which some believe to be of Aztec origin.

Are quartz crystals alien relics?

Almost every mystic theory that could relate crystal skulls to paranormal activity has been released so far. One of the most out-of-this-world beliefs claims that quartz skulls are alien relics brought by out-of-space creatures that visited Earth thousands of years ago. The people who sustain this theory expect the aliens to return sometime in the future to get their precious crystal artifacts back from ungrateful humans who only saw them as hoaxes.

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Crystal Skull World Day is a non-profit organization promoting peace, well-being, and harmony into the world through the therapeutic use of skull crystals. We believe that by coming together as guardians of the crystal skull, we can uplift our healing energies, bring positive vibrations into our lives and connect with our inner divine power.

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