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How many crystal skulls have been found?

The legends surrounding the crystal skulls have puzzled archeologists and history buffs for years. It is unclear who made them and for what purpose. The most common belief about them is that they have been passed through several generations of Mesoamerican peoples since ancient times and that they exert supernatural powers.

It is hard to determine the exact number of authentic crystal skulls in the world today because of the numerous fakes that have flooded the market. Even the head owned by the famous British Museum in London has been confirmed to be false, in spite of its seemingly perfect features.

Where do crystal skulls come from?

Archaeology became immensely popular in the 19th century. Back then, the western world started to collect every tiny bit of information regarding the human history and ancient civilizations. Besides the successful scientific studies of the era, a lot of scams were created to profit from the global craze.

One of the most famous artifacts of the 1860s that still fascinates many people today was the crystal skull: a quartz hardstone carving that perfectly resembles a human head. Many skulls appeared in a short period across Europe and North America. The myth surrounding them was describing ancient rituals mixed with supernatural events that would affect anyone who possessed them.

While most of the archaeologists and artifact traders who showcased crystal skulls claimed that they have a pre-Colombian origin, later scientific research has proven that they were produced in Europe in the middle of the 19th century. Despite conclusive evidence regarding their origins, crystal skulls still make sudden appearances across the globe every year, and people who collect artifacts pay significant sums of money to have them.

Do they have supernatural powers?

Over time many suppositions have been made regarding the purpose of crystal skulls. Believers in the paranormal sustain that these artifacts have active curing properties and that they can cure cancer and other fatal diseases. Other supporters of the supernatural phenomenon believe that a crystal skull can kill a man or even predict the course of history if the user knows the exact magical spells for these actions.

As the number of scientists that dismiss crystal skulls as archeological evidence increased, so did the number of theories that surround these artifacts. One of the most famous theses about crystal skulls places them in the fictitious world of Atlantis and regards them as the only remaining evidence of the lost civilization.

Why are crystal skulls so famous?

The Mesoamerican civilization was destroyed or subdued almost 500 years ago. Still, the legends that surround their mysterious past confound and fascinate people even today. This is one of the main reasons why crystal skulls are still popular, and some individuals spend entire fortunes to have them in their collections.

The souvenir industry has taken notice of this reality and produced millions of crystal skull replicas every year. Most of these harmless, plastic keepsakes are available across Central and South America for relatively low prices.

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Crystal Skull World Day is a non-profit organization promoting peace, well-being, and harmony into the world through the therapeutic use of skull crystals. We believe that by coming together as guardians of the crystal skull, we can uplift our healing energies, bring positive vibrations into our lives and connect with our inner divine power.

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