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If you would like to support our organization, you can donate a part of your social contributions to us. By donating to Crystal Skull World Day, you will help us transform the lives of other people. We pledge that 100% of donations received in both the UK and the USA will go directly towards funding our programs.

If you are donating from elsewhere in the world, you can donate using any currency. Your account will be debited in your home currency, but you need to state how much you would like to give in GBP or USD. Please use a currency converter to check the amount you would like to give.

Please contact us here to find out how to donate.

About us skull picture Who are we?

Crystal Skull World Day is a non-profit organization promoting peace, well-being, and harmony into the world through the therapeutic use of skull crystals. We believe that by coming together as guardians of the crystal skull, we can uplift our healing energies, bring positive vibrations into our lives and connect with our inner divine power.

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